• The future of nappies is cloth.

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Why use cloth?

Why shop with Be Bliss Baby?

How to use a cloth nappy

Saving the planet, and saving money? It's possible.


"I decided to use cloth nappies whilst I was pregnant, when I realised that every disposable nappy that I put on my baby would still be on the planet in landfill long after he dies of old age. I felt it was my responsibility to do my bit to care for the environment, to protect my son's future. After all, if my parents managed cloth nappies with me, why couldn't I? I did my research and ordered starter packs from four nappy companies. I can honestly say the Be Bliss Baby nappies fit the best, dry the fastest and have the least leaks."

Briege, mum to Ronan.

"One of the best decisions I made when buying for my baby."

Emma, mum to Isla.

"I was so scared to make the switch initially. I thought my washing machine would be full of poo, and I would be constantly washing. Although I've found it's actually so easy now I've adjusted to the process, and I sleep so much easier knowing I'm not adding to landfill."

Scarlett, mum to Cleo

"I can't get over how much money I've saved not having to buy disposable nappies every week. Switching to cloth has changed our lives!"

Ange, mum to Daisy

Cloth nappies. Made simple.