9 things I wish I did before becoming a parent!

1. Enjoy summer nights.

As soon as bub is out, it's near impossible to enjoy a summers night walk along the beach, last minute fish and chips at sunset, cocktails at dusk. Bub's bedtime means you are home bound long before the sun sets in summer and more often than not are on the couch watching sunset and balmy nights via Instagram. Either that or buy a house on the beach with sunset views...

2. Sleep in.

Be a weekend sloth as much as you can. Treasure every lay-in like it's your last because once they're gone, they're gone for a long while....

3. Avoid parks and/or play centres.

They are heavily abused from about 18 months on and you'll enjoy having never met a swing before. 

4. Travel light.

Go places without a bag. Leave your handbag in the car and slip that car key in your pocket. What a luxury!!! Going anywhere with a baby/toddler/kid requires serious stuff and is pretty much man-with-a-van is necessary every time you leave the house. So enjoy the days of just 'the clothes you have on your back.'

5. See all of your friends.

Get the visits done, the glass of wine on a week night catch ups, the spontaneous dinner parties. Go to them all. Get as many credits in the bank as you can for people to coming to you, because trust us, once bub is here, not having to travel is a huge win. But you still may want company and visitors so have them offering to come to you. 

6. Get yourself a good doctor 

Not only will you need to do routine check ups, a lot of new parents frequent the doctor a lot more than ever before. Sometimes, just to ask a question. I once went to see if "snot" was okay in newborns!!! regardless of where you gave birth, have your local GP on speed dial, already familiar with you and your situation and preferable, specialising or at least good with babies! 

7. Do a coffee detox

You may need to survive off coffee for a while when bub arrives so you can rest easy knowing you did a stint without it. Same goes for all junk food and naughty treats. Save these for when you really may need them. I know you might think you need them now because you're tired, carry a baby 24/7 and sleeping uncomfortable but trust us - this is nothing compared to when baby is earth side. Those first few weeks are seriously survival mode and if you can go into it as healthy as possible you'll be forever grateful. 

8. Read a book.

Take a long uninterrupted shower / Watch a whole Netflix series without interruption.

9. Get your cloth nappy stash sorted.

Honestly, if you invest in your cloth collection before you the child arrives and you will literally save thousands of dollars. Plus your mind is still kind of clear, so understanding the process might be easier done pre-fatigued state. And it's one less thing to do once there becomes too much too do!