The horror story behind disposable wipes!

If you're reading this, there is a high chance you're a disposable wipe user. And if so, it's quite possible that you probably threw away over 10,000 wipes in the past year!

Yes they are super handy, but there are easy alternatives for disposable wipes that take no extra time, cost far less and have worked for hundreds of years....

But before we try and sell you the alternatives, here are some truths and facts about disposable wipe use that are well worth knowing.  

1. 10,000

Most families throw away at least 10,000 wipes per year (that's for one child!). Picture a tennis court filled with skanky used wipes...


Did you know most baby wipes contain harsh chemicals that are absorb straight into your babies blood stream?

Many commercial baby wipes contain preservatives and fragrances that under recommendations, should not even come into contact with human skin, particularly that of infants and small children (For more information check out the Environmental Working Group's report here on the hidden hazards of antibacterial wipes). 


You probably haven't thought about it much (and unfortunately they are not required to list what they are made from) but the reality is, most baby wipes are made from plastic resins like polyester or polypropylene. As such, those handy-dandy wipes you reach for hourly, never actually biodegrade. Instead they just slowly break into smaller and smaller pieces – releasing millions of microscopic fibres into our environment. You've cut the single use shopping bag - WIPES are next people! 


If flushed, which some wipes suggest is possible, they more than likely will not even make it through our sewage system and do cause havoc with blockages, costings thousands of tax payers dollars to clear. Australian water utilities spend approx $15 million each year removing wet wipes from sewage!!!!

If they do manage to make it through to our seas, there's a high likelihood that they last for a long time, if not a life time, and can upset and even kill marine life.

So what are the alternatives?


Reusable cloth wipes - Oh how handy they are available here. Hand made from natural materials, these wipes are super absorbent, contain no chemicals and can just be put in the wash like any other clothing item. 

You could also use; old clothes cut up, old rags, small face washers and so on...


Use natural biodegradable liners like what we sell here, keep them moist and then put them in the bin knowing they will break down in time. 

Here's a tip for when using either natural liners or cloth;

Mix 1 x cup of hot water with 1 x tablespoon of oil (coconut or olive) and a couple of drops of essential oil of choice and pour or spray over liners/cloth. Or increase these ratios and let the liners or wipes sit inside a sealed container of this mixture next to your change table or in the car, so they are moist and ready to use. 


It sounds silly, but if you think about it, as adults we only use toilet paper to wipe our bum bums and that's sufficient. Don't be afraid to just use toilet paper on your baby and children from time to time, even if you have to dampen it a bit first. 


If you are going to use wipes, always bin them and don't flush down the toilet!

That's all for now fokes, thanks for reading and parents out there always remember this - You are doing a darn good job!!!

 xoxo Tahli