The Ultimate Cloth Nappy Pack

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Everything is included in this pack that you will need to use cloth nappies full time PLUS MORE!! It is the ABSOLUTE LUXURY PACK, meaning you will more than likely only need to do washing only once a week to maintain clean, fresh nappies. No additional clips, covers, shells, pins, or anything else required to start using our cloth nappies.

This value pack includes:

  • 24 x covers. Cover are used to fit to the baby and come in a range of colours (outer shell)

  • 24 x microfiber inserts. Inserts go inside the covers and are responsible for absorbing the urine. Microfiber inserts are recommended for day use and night use.  

  • FREE 2 x bamboo and charcoal insert. Inserts go inside the covers and are responsible for absorbing the urine. A Bamboo and Charcoal Insert is recommended to add inside the cover alongside a microfiber insert for the duration of the night sleep to assist with additional urine absorption, odder and hygiene as the charcoal is neutralising.

  • FREE 1 x roll of throw-away bamboo liners. A roll of 100 liners that gives you a chance to trial using cloth with liners, great for catching number 2's and putting them straight in the bin. 
  • FREE 1 x wet nappy bag for when you are out and about. 

One size fits most and so we only have the one size available. Nappies should not need to be replaced and therefore we claim our nappies last a lifetime.

Each month we do a feature design print and this month is "botanical" featured in the colour choice as an option. We also offer custom name printing for single cloth nappies if you click here

Please see our HOW to use page for tips on best practise.

Please note this is a rough guide for babies 3 months plus. Newborns may require many more than 6 nappies in one 24 hour cycle. Some older babies require more than 6 nappies. This is only a general guide.

We do recommend you try some bamboo liners to catch the poos, but absolutely you do not have to use these!

We are here to help so if you have questions, please hit the chat live option or send us an email.

Be Bliss Baby nappies are environmentally friendly, sustainable, easy to use and cost effective. Rather that filling our land with plastics, our nappies have revolutionised the tradition cloth nappy to make them easier to fit, reusable, adjustable, easy to wash, modern in appearance, and best of all, fun.

 Go out and BE BLISS BABY xx