Cloth Nappy 12 Pack- 'The Recommended'

Type: cloth nappy

Be Bliss Baby Nappy Covers are the best external covers that hold inserts inside your modern cloth nappy and wrap around your baby's bums. They need to have a insert placed inside each time your baby wears one. Some people like to use more than one insert. Another optional is adding a bamboo liner on the lining next to babies skin to catch any solids (these can be binned and will breakdown). 

They all have fitted press studs all around the exterior meaning they are size adjustable and therefore, one size fits most. We recommend the best fit is from about 8 weeks old to 2.5 years old. Please note these are not specific to newborns or larger babies. 

Our shells have three layers of materials; Waterproof outer, middle layer of microfiber and inside lining of bamboo terry.

Each cover purchase includes 1 x microfiber insert so you can get started with our cloth nappies straight away. We recommend adding hemp or bamboo inserts for heavy wetters or long periods. 

See here for WHY cloth nappies are the best decision you will make. See here for HOW to best use, fit and wash your nappies. 

Our nappies are handmade to last a lifetime! You can do it! You can BE BLISS BABY! 

This is our most purchased and most recommended Nappy Pack as 12 is a great number of nappies to have. 

This pack includes:

  • 12 x covers. Cover are used to fit to the baby and come in a range of colours (outer shell) 

  • 12 x microfiber inserts. Inserts go inside the covers and are responsible for absorbing the urine. Microfiber inserts are recommended for day use and night use boosted with a hemp insert for great absorbency.  

  • 1 x Hemp Insert

We do offer personalisation name printing on nappies. We will print names in silver colour and a font of our discretion. If you would like something specific please email us on  NB Nappies that are personalised can not go in the tumble drier.