Hemp Insert

Type: insert

Hemp Inserts

A 4-layer blend of organic hemp materials and organic cotton insert. Our most absorbent insert so wonderful on their own, for overnight or heavy wetting periods or paired with a microfiber for maximum absorbency and holding results.

Why Hemp?

Hemp is a great, all-natural material used in cloth nappy because its totally safe for skin, all natural and still the most absorbent and most durable fibre. Hemp crops are super environmentally friendly and sustainable and when you do need to finally pop your hemp inserts in waste, you can put in the soil as they will be compostable and breakdown 100%.

The difference between insets


Fast absorbency (that’s why great to combine with a second insert like bamboo or hemp)

High capacity

Synthetic fibres

Can leak with compression (like a wet sponge when squeezed can release liquid)

Bamboo Charcoal

Medium absorbency

Moderate capacity

Synthetic fibres

Totally safe for baby’ skin


Slow absorbency

The highest capacity

100% all natural

Most durable (won’t shrink or shred in the wash or dryer)


All nappy purchased come with 1 x microfiber insert